Combining Agriculture and Conservation in the Karkloof

The Karkloof Farmers who constitute the majority of the landownership in the Conservancy, are proud to be demonstrating the benefits and symbiosis that can exist in modern, hi-tech, high input and high output farming systems.

This philosophy has been responsible for the preservation and perpetuation of the wonderful bio-diversity. This accords with the objectives of the Conservancy. Visitors who come to the Karkloof to enjoy the birds, the bees, the wildlife and all nature’s bounty, can enjoy the spectrum of beauty against the magnificent backdrop of the natural bush.
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The Karkloof Conservancy is made up of local farmers, foresters and landowners interested in protecting the biodiversity in the Karkloof.

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We at the Karkloof Conservation Centre actively conserve the rich biodiversity of the Karkloof for the benefit of future generations.

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You can make a difference to our Karkloof Conservation efforts by getting involved through any of our support and sponsorship options.

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