Who We Are


The Karkloof Conservancy was formed on the 19 March 1998. It comprised local farmers, foresters and landowners to protect our wonderful biodiversity in the Karkloof. Since inception the Conservancy has been actively involved in conservation and community projects and in environmental education, particularly in the local farm schools.

The vision of the Karkloof Conservancy is to conserve in perpetuity the biodiversity of the entire Karkloof area; to protect all species and their habitats, and to support long term sustainable resource utilisation. This with respect to farming, forestry and lifestyle practices.

The Karkloof Conservancy's mission is to actively conserve the rich biodiversity of the Karkloof for the benefit of future generations; to promote responsible land use management and encourage land users to become proud and responsible stewards; to stimulate interest in conservation matters by educating and supporting all parties within the community; to foster good relations within the valley and surrounds, as well as engaging on a regular basis with other concerned bodies; and to provide a self-sustaining world class destination for eco-tourists.

The success of our Conservancy is achieved through collaborations with key environmental organisations such as the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Wildlands, Birdlife SA, WWF, KZN Crane Foundation, SANBI and EKZNW and their Honorary Officers.

We fully support the ideals of custodianship and land stewardship, and we strongly believe that through correct land management and the onset of high-tech farming techniques, conservation and agriculture can be mutually inclusive and beneficial. This will ensure future integrity of our land and its associated resources for generations to come.